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Every serious business needs brand to build their image towards their clients. This is vital point where deciding our business will last long or not. Don’t let clients left because they doesn’t believe in your brands. Things as simple as package design could boost your sales up to twice, and it just from package design only.


“Branding is different form marketing, although they achieve one same goals, to get attention from your potential customer and ending in leads, or sales.” 

45% Customer expect a great design from marketing and sales collateral (lucidpress). It shows that design branding could give your business better results on leading and sales. And what kind of design would affect your business in good ways? the answer is consistent design. Consistent in branding means brainstorming your potential customer with “same” idea and concepts over and over until your brands stick to their brain.

But what if your design is consistent, and great in other ways? it would be double or triples the effects. It’s true that many brands make good branding after they business on top, but did you know how long they build those business?

Building reputation could needs years, even decades. Apple needs 25 years to get their silverish logo brand, while microsoft needs nearly 42 years to get their four-square logo. What if your logo designed to be great so it will last longer? that would give more consistent mark on your brand.


But design not only about logo, there are many marketing needs that related to design graphic, as example on this social media era when giant digital corporate rule over billion people worldwide, business owner must consider doing their marketing things there. And learning new things like media social campaign, creating video ads, make gift cards could be time-consuming.

While information grows rapidly, business can’t follow this data revolution and their business become boring, outdated, and unattractive. For business that make calls for generating sales, will be outclassed with business which send voucher gift over email to thousand of their customers. For business that still doing sales door to door, will be crushed with business that sales by creating attractive ads on facebook. And choosing to follow those breakthrough would be too late.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” – Milton Glaser



Our teams builds from talented designers and experienced with major brands worldwide. We works for wide range of business fields, from education to goverment fields.

client oriented


We never say no to a client, We always respect our customer’s creativity. For us, our customer orders is a challenge for us to conquer, and we always give our fullest potentials.


We always support startup business, Because big company always start from small ones. Our price range still affordable for new business. Not enough? you can ask your budget yourselves.


inconsistent branding budget?

Tired with inconsistent price with many design agency? or it would be awkward to talk about budgeting with professional design agency? worry not, although we are formed from professional designer, we put fixed price in all of our services. You won’t need to tell us about your total budgeting neither worry about overly high prices tagged by most design agencies, our price will satisfy your needs.

Why set on low budgeting services? We always have thought that design services will be more and more expanding. Design tools and resources are easy to get, why put high price for an easy task and while it’s fun to do for us?

Not enough? you could do custom offers and custom services to us, you won’t say “hello” or “hi, can i ask something?”, our form let you do straight to the point, set your task, describe what you needs, and set the prices, we will the one actively contact you for further details. 


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From children drawing, album’s cover, poster, t-shirt drawing design, to caricature, we do them all.

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Need to create movie poster teaser? just give the task to us, we’ll do the rest, you can focus on the other important things.

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Rearrange page by page to make sure your book is well aranged is boring job…But not to us! that’s our hobby!

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