4 Gorgeous Design Interior Style to Beautify Your House

Looking trends come and go, it can be very confusing to decide what to do for your design interior. What style you have to choose? In fact, without worrying about the current booming style, there is always a design interior style that remains strong and unaffected. Called as key interior design styles by the experts, the 4 styles gathered in this article can be your inspiration to your interior design.

The following list is 4 styles of interior design for your inspiration.

  1. Minimalist

The minimalist trend in the early twentieth century has affecting many aspects of modern life, including interior design. Minimalist design interior focusing on minimum use of furniture and accessories and also shape, color, and texture. The idea of using a natural and simple form, followed with no layers will not decrease the appeal and the aesthetic of this particular style. Even more, this style will accentuate the space of the room.

It is said that the minimalist design interior style was influenced by the simplicity of Japanese design. A principle “the less is more”, works to accentuate the space of the room. The interiors are stripped down to the most basic and essential element, leaving empty space. Primary colors such as black and white are the commons color used for this type of design style. A subtle use of color used to support the idea of non-distracting items or detract from its simplicity and the value of space.

  1. Industrial

When it comes to industrial, it is about bare brick, solid structures, and rough textures. When those ideas put inside the design interior, it turns your house feels raw, solid and strong. The atmosphere of the house will remind you about the factory with all the stone, steel, brick and brass textures, but at the same time, it gives the impression of strong and solid interior and furniture.

Mostly industrial design interior style will use metal fixtures or stripped back floorboard. The particularly important statements light is featured in softening the otherwise cold space atmosphere. Putting layer in arts, rugs, and textiles will make inviting and homey feeling for your home. The color palette for industrial style tends to follow the raw materials, such as white and brown. Or dark brown followed with black.

  1. Contemporary

Contemporary interior style is the most modern-looking, and the most current interior style which continually evolving. What is considered as contemporary style now, will likely change over the years. The fluidity of the contemporary style is exciting since it can change all the time. As the expert says, today’s contemporary interior style is all about clean-line comfort. The style shows people that a home can be both beautiful and practical at the same time.

This particular design interior style tends to use glass and metal materials, also clean lines for their interior. The use of intricate details is kept to a minimum. The furniture like chairs and tables tends to show exposed legs. All of that to accentuates the clean, modest spaces of this style. However, it is important to note, that if you are not careful, the contemporary spaces can feel impersonal and stark.

  1. Vintage

Vintage is one of the casual interior styles that commonly used to highlight an elegant and romantic atmosphere. But the old-fashioned style can also be used for those who are after a look that is retro and edgy. Said by the expert, the principle for vintage interiors is, keeping clutter to a minimum. Open shelves allow you to showcase any book or vintage accessories and also allow you to get creative with your styling.

As an addition to your house, vintage cabinets or storages are stylish, but also practical. When it comes to vintage design interior style, the interior should not blend in the room, instead, it should pop-out and stand-out. Primary colors like gray or sand, some shades of pinks, pale blue is appropriate for the vintage color palette.

So which interior style that pike your interest? You don’t need to be too strict when it comes to interior design. There are no hard rules for interior design. The most important is the satisfaction feeling of the homeowner. You can also mix and match the style as much as you want. Fusion the vintage furniture with a modern color palette or use industrial style but with minimalist interior. The choice is yours- you can make your own creative ideas!

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