Eurovision 2020 Logo Meaning

Design is not just a streak of colors or lines that well put together. But, a design should have a meaning. Nowadays, there are many designs that have beautiful meaning behind its design. But recently Eurovision 2020 logo design has caught many eyes. The logo of Eurovision song contest 2020 hides meaning that you may not expect. Read on this article and find out the real meaning of this colorful logo.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Logo

In November 2020, the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 logo is announced. The logo that comprises a series of brightly colored vectors emerge from the central point of the circle has much meaning behind the design. It is said that the logo represents the color of the flags of the 41 countries which are participating in Eurovision 2020. It is also representing the year debut of the participating countries.

The logo that looks like a sunburst with colorful flare, was created by a Dutch design agency Clever°Franke. Picked as the winner of the logo contest, the winning design agency said that the logo was developed with the help of software and latter hand-tuned to make an adjustment. This logo will later be used during the televised Eurovision Song Contest 2020 event, as well as on merchandise and advertising. The contest will be carried out in Rotterdam in 2020.

The executive superior from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said that they really pleased with the artwork. It perfectly celebrates the 65-year heritage. The design covers the modern values of diversity and inclusivity, also it really complements this year’s slogan ‘Open up’.

The idea behind the logo

In making the Eurovision 2020 logo, the data of the debut years of every participant is chosen by the design agency. The design agency looked at various different ways that could represent the data relating to the event and the participants. And later decide to settle on using the flag of the countries. The years when there are no additional countries joining the Eurovision have left blank, creating a gap in the pinwheel.

The design agencies have to explore many directions of data and various demographic dataset, to properly have a dataset that generates an identity of the 41 countries. The logo design was inspired by the three previous editions of Eurovision Song Contest logos that were held in the Netherlands. The logo from 1970,1976, and 1980 have a visual identity that centered around the circle.

The purpose of the Eurovision Song Contest as a celebration of sovereign mentalities and unifying Europe through music also part of the idea behind the logo. As it established after the second world war, Eurovision 2020 will celebrate its 65 anniversary.

The color meaning

The colorful pattern of colors in this logo also represents the atmosphere of a celebration. The contest has exciting identities, design application, and spectacular design. People may look at it as poor taste or anything. But the genuine mindset of cheerfulness and playfulness is underlying it and thus can attract expression of joy.

The colorful pinwheel is representing the flag of the participating countries. in clockwise the color is representation the year participating countries first joined Eurovision. With the whole 65 years as the record, the Eurovision 2020 logo pinwheel shows some gaps in it, to represent no addition country participating at that year. For example, the gap from the 10 o’clock color to 11 o’clock shows that in 2009-2014 there were no additional countries.

In 1956 that represented as the one o’clock in the logo, shows some countries’ flags colors. The colors, red, white, black, yellow, green, blue represent the debuting countries of Netherlands, France, Italy, Denmark, and many others. And for the most recent addition, represented in blue, white and red colors, the flag of Australia, is shown in the eleven o’clock color of the pin-wheel.

The beautiful logo has really represented the Eurovision song contest 2020. All the 41 countries flags have represented in the colorful pinwheel, as well as give a little bit sneak peek at when they joined the contest. Together with celebrating the 65th years anniversary of the contest, the various color also represents the merry of the celebration that will be held in 2020. Hopefully, the design of this logo can inspire you to make such a beautiful and meaningful logo too. Thank you.

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