How to Choose Your Clothing Design Online Business Model Wisely

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Having a successful clothing brand that you build from the ground would be a dream come true. If you’re an aspiring designer, you may want to start trying to get your footing on building your business. There are several types of model business that you can build on. Here, we will talk about what’s needed to build each model of clothing design online business. Read further to find out.

Clothing Line Business Model

1. Custom Cut and Sewing Clothing

This’s a business model where you do everything on your own to make 100% custom product with the best quality that you desire. It’s perfect if you’re really want to be serious in the industry, and wanting to build your brand with the characteristic and look that you want. Because you do all on your own, you can easily increase the margin later on if you want to.

But then, let’s talk about the downfall of having clothing design online business. Custom means that you have to design sketches, make the patterns, search the fabrics yourself, and also looking for the manufactures. This means that you need to have a huge fund under your belt. The effort and time that you need to put is also highly extensive, almost 3 to 12 months.

2. Print-On-Demand Clothing

If you think that the model of custom cloth is too much fuss, you can try this model instead. Just like the name, print-on-demand is based on you print your logo or design on a standard blank apparel when orders are coming. The biggest selling point of this model is that you don’t need a lot to start out. With only a couple hundred you can have a business running.

This business model of clothing design online is used by many that are starting out. Though it looks enticing, it won’t be a good one if you want to make a big production. It isn’t the most cost-effective products to runs for big order. But, if you’re still new and only do small quantities or one-offs, then this system will be perfect. You will produce a high-quality print that doesn’t cost much, but get it to your customers fast.

3. Wholesale or Private Label Clothing

Wholesale business model is almost the same as print-on-demand, but a little more involved. Instead of just giving your design to get printed, wholesale’s needed you to purchase the blank clothing. You can buy them in bulk, and then print them with your logo. This gives you a huge advantage in budgeting because buying large quantity items usually got you a discounted price. You can have a potential increase margin as well in the long run.

Even though you print big batches, you’re limited with the selection of designs, colors, and sizes. This’s because printing the same design will cost less compare to print many designs with the same amount of clothing. This also requires you to have a warehouse to store your products. But, you only need a couple thousand up front then you can sell your clothing design online products within weeks.

The business model that you want to choose for your online clothing design brand really depends on the cost and time that you have. If you’re just starting out with little budget, go with print-on-demand or wholesale. But, if you want to five into your passion as a designer, then go with custom-cut and sewing options. Hopefully, this article helps you decide what model best suits you the most.


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