How To Develop Your Illustration Drawing Styles

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Every artist that have name for themselves usually have a characteristic in their arts that differentiate their works to other artists. The style of your drawing is the visual representation of your inner self. It’s really important to create authenticity and uniqueness in your art. If you still trying to get your footing in illustration drawing, here are some of the steps that can help you figure out your visual style.

Tips for Finding Your Drawing Style

1. Draws Regularly

To get started, you need to practice a lot in every possible time of your day. Use inspiration from things that trigger your creativity. You can use a simple medium such as pencil and blank sheet of paper. This practice is not for you to become good at the subject, even though you will be better if you draw a lot. The exercise is so you can get comfortable with seeing the works that are representations of your creative expression in your illustration drawing.

2. Interpret and Not Imitate

When you stuck with your own creativity, look for inspiration from other artists. The works from others can refresh your mind to fuel your creativity flows. But, be careful when you’re taking external references. Artists often take too many inspirations that make it borderline copying. To avoid that, you have to put more of ‘You’ into your works. Find something that you feel excited drawing for from other artists, but give it your own spin.

3. Express Your Emotion

Your feelings are a great tool. It’s what drives you best in your creativity. Your own style in illustration drawing can develop nicely if you’re in touch with your inner emotion. Just take a look at great artworks from legendary artists; you can sometimes see the state of their mind at the time by looking at it. Emotions translate well into whatever medium that you put out. This is because when you draw, your hand, head, and heart are all connected into one.

4. Don’t Be Hard on Yourself

It may be hard for new artists for new artist to trust their own work. They would often try the hardest to make their artwork perfect, which in result makes them spend too much unnecessary time into it. In the end, if you put too much adjustment in your work, rarely it means a better result. Too much tweaking can make it worse. That’s why taking a step back will most likely the best idea. Your drawing style is you, so, who defines it perfect is yourself.

5. Be Ready for Vulnerability

The reason for illustration drawing exists is to communicate what you envision and connect it with others. If nobody gets what you want to say, then it will be pointless. Developing your own style is also means that you develop your own voice. Your drawing is a representation of you. So, you may feel that criticism for your art is a personal attack of what you feel inside. But, no matter what people say, you need to stronger in the journey of developing your style.

The process of discovering your own style in illustration might take some time. You will surely find an obstacle along the way. But, remember that you will get there. At a certain point, you will start seeing a pattern on things that you like in your drawing. People will recognize your art apart from others. Practice those tips above to get your footing. Remember, that the end result will be worthwhile.


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