Affiliate / Refferal Partner Programs

What this program dedicated for?

Our referral program is perfect for you if you want to send small businesses our way that are in need of a new website to boost their results.

Our program also fit for young entrepreneur or digital marketer to earn more with sending potential traffic to our website, and let us do the rest.

Or if you’re digital agency with too many clients to handle, you can just leave the small task to us, we know your business may be greater than us, so why not taking the job done with more lower cost, and let us do the rest? of course the credit will be yours.

Why Join on our Affiliate / Referral Partner Program?

Mzneevart Digital Agency is a professional agency that has reputation around the worlds. We starting this business since early 2016 and has hundreds of clients worldwide.

What make us sells are because two main factors, We are work as professionals, and we have less expensive price tag for our services. With these two strong main points, we believe working with us will be a lot benefit for you.

If We're Confident, Why not Selling Services Ourselves?

Of course we are, we even have spesific marketing team to get our sales. But why not? with your helps growing our business, we can focus on quality of our services. Meanwhile, we’ve got awareness marketing plan in our sheets that will more effective if we’ve got affiliate partners.

How Much Referral Commission do You Get?

For every lead you send our way that results in a sale across all of our design services, we will send you 15% of the sale. The interesting thing not ended in there, we also offer 10% of your total refferal sales, if you got in our top 5 referral partners

Your total commission will be paid automatically & instantly into your nominated PayPal account, per our closing statements by end of the month. When you join, a unique tracking code will be generated within the platform. This tracking code is what you will need to send to your leads so they can be tracked. We have extensive tracking system that tracks your sales and you also can check your sales in real time. We keep our refferal partner updated with new service, program, discount, and any other marketing programs.

How do You Apply?

If you interested in this program and want to apply, first you need to registered as a member of our website, you could access the page hereThe Affiliate Program can be accessed by registered members by filling out form. We wil review your request within a day or two, and will keep you updated about the applying process.

If you have any question regarding this refferal programs, you could contact us by emailing us at or apply right now  :

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